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Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables contain many important fibres, minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins. It is an integral part of everyday cooking. A diet rich in vegetables provides the essential nutrients and increases the immunity of human body. We grow vegetables and supply them fresh to our customers. You can contact us for small, as well as, bulk orders. Vegetables are naturally low in calorie and fat, thus beneficial for health.

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Fresh Red Onion

The Fresh Red Onion that we offer could be availed throughout the year. Its skin is purplish red and the flesh is white with a tinge of red. Size ranges from medium to large and it tastes mild to sweet. It is cooked with other vegetables and food, used for garnishing salad; it could be eaten raw or grilled. Onion is a


Fresh Potato

We supply Fresh Potato to our customers throughout the year. Potato is used in making wafers, French fries, cutlets, curries and several other recipes. Potato provides vitamin c, vitamin b6, niacin, folate, zinc, magnesium and potassium. We supply potatoes that are firm, round and unbruised.  We can manage to


Fresh Tomato

Red Fresh Tomato are used in a number of recipes. Tomatoes contain lycopene, vitamin b6, vitamin c, vitamin k, vitamin e, biotin, folate, molybdenum and phosphorus. Make soup, juice, salad or incorporate it in any other manner in your diet and enjoy its health benefits. We grow tomatoes in an organic way without using


Fresh Drumsticks

Fresh Drumsticks is the source of calcium, vitamin c and phosphorus. It has also medicinal value. It is a powerhouse of minerals. It is used in various dishes like curry, sambar, dal, etc. This vegetable is a natural cleanser and it also exhibits anti-bacterial properties. It is also used as fodder for livestock. We


Fresh Green Chilli

Green chilli could be consumed raw, pickled or canned. Fresh Green Chilli are naturally low in calorie and fat-free. It is a good source of vitamin c, vitamin a, vitamin k and capsaicin. It is rich in anti-oxidant. It is a natural source of iron and it is also helpful in curing skin problems. We take orders for small,